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G o a l : Lead efforts that improve people's experiences with technology, specifically by increasing security, privacy and ease of use.

S k i l l s :
L e a d e r s h i p :
  • Passion and proven track record in taking great ideas and making them reality.
  • Solid experience running a strategic, Microsoft-wide business.
  • Recognized for cross-group coordination and influence.
  • Excellent leadership, organizational, personal relations, and time management skills.
  • Strong presentation and customer skills
  • Noted for my learning ability, punctuality, dependability and efficiency.

    M a n a g e m e n t :

  • Built and lead multi-disciplinary teams as both a first and second level manager.
  • Recognized as a strong coach with an ability to tailor my management style to best help each person grow and succeed.
  • Chosen by peers to be their manager.
  • Noted for pulling teams together and accomplishing stretch goals on an aggressive schedule.

    P r o g r a m / P r o j e c t   M a n a g e m e n t :

  • 14 years of program manager/project manager experience.
  • Wide range of shipping experience around online and Shrink-wrap software, small and large companies, process development, feature design and writing specifications and all aspects of the product ship cycle.
  • Well known for my organization, ability to make tough decisions, and to focus and pull teams together to ship the right product on the right schedule.
  • Strong technical design and specification writing skills.

    B u s i n e s s :

  • Business manager for a 150 person, 40 million dollar department.
  • Extensive experience in budgeting, tracking, reporting, and helping teams make good fiscal decisions to enable them to best utilize their resources.

    S e c u r i t y   a n d   T e c h n o l o g y

  • 7.5 years in the security industry.
  • Highly knowledgeable and experienced in computer security, including thread model analysis, protection profiles, and designing to minimize attack surface.
  • Proven track record in computer security and building secure applications and platforms.
  • Technical skills include programming ability in C#, Java, SQL, and many other languages, basic knowledge of algorithms, program design, and windows programming.
  • Extensive knowledge of internal automation and publishing systems and device driver issues.

    E x p e r i e n c e :
    P r i n c i p a l   S e c u r i t y   S t r a t e g i s t / P r i n c i p a l   S e c u r i t y   P r o g r a m   M a n a g e r   L e a d ,
    T r u s t w o r t h y   C o m p u t i n g   S e c u r i t y
    Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA. November 2006 to present
    As lead of the Trust User Experience team I pulled together a collection of subject matter experts, organized and drove a plan to move the project forward from some good ideas to an integrated part of the software development process. I worked with teams across the company to share the need for good Trust UX and helped improve architecture and user interfaces to make it easier for users to make security and privacy decisions.
    As Security Strategist/Business Manager/Chief of Staff for the General Manager of Product Security at Microsoft, I drove budget allocations and reporting, managed the rhythm of the business, and drove special projects including business plans for all of TwC Security, Business Plan Reviews, and Strategy Reviews. I also worked with teams across TwC Security and all of TwC to better align project and resources and keep the teams running smoothly.

    G r o u p   P r o g r a m   M a n a g e r , S e c u r i t y   E n g i n e e r i n g   ( S W I )
    Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA. January 2005 to November 2006
    As the Group Program Manager for the SWI team, I led a team of security professionals who advised products across Microsoft on security, coached teams on using the SDL (Security Development Lifecycle) to find, fix and mitigate against exploitable issues, and signed off on the security of products before they released. I set business goals and direction, made calls on whether products were ready to ship from a security point of view, and communicated and managed issues at the Vice President level. I handled tough cross-group issues around communicating ship signoff decisions and reasoning to teams, and provided security expertise to teams across the company. I led a team of both leads and individual contributors, which I grew over two fold since joining.

    L e a d   P r o g r a m   M a n a g e r ,   N e x t   G e n e r a t i o n   S e c u r e   C o m p u t i n g   B a s e
    Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA. December 2002 to January 2005
    As the Lead Program Manager for Agents and Services in NGSCB, I drove a team of 4 PMs to design, spec, manage, and deliver key security features in the platform, aimed across 2 different releases. I hired each team member, helped ramp them up quickly and efficiently, and worked with each person to help them grow their skills and career. The team has been very successful in driving their projects, becoming an example to the remainder of the team in good PM skills. In addition, I drove our internal and external relationships, coordinating our work with other teams and working closely with biz dev and marketing on partner issues. I also headed up our ISV relationship program, spoke at RSA, IDF and PDC, and have lead communications with governments, partners and customers.

    P r o g r a m   M a n a g e r,   W i n d o w s   U p d a t e   D r i v e r s   a n d   P u b l i s h i n g
    Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA. March 2000 to December 2002
    As virtual team lead for Windows Update drivers, I set the overall vision, plan and goals for Windows Update and drivers, coordinating across the WHQL, PnP, Printing and Imaging, SUS teams to provide the right solution for both vendors and customers. As program manager for the software content publishing tool I created a tool that enables groups within Microsoft to publish updates to the Windows Update site. This involved understanding customer needs, designing the tool, and managing the project through feature tradeoffs through to ship. I also wrote a paper for BillG's think week to raise the awareness of Windows Update, which he quoted in memos to the company.

    P r o g r a m   M a n a g e r ,   W i n d o w s . c o m
    Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA. January 2000 to March 2000.
    Took over Hardware Update initiative to evangelize the need for users to download bios updates when upgrading to Windows 2000 and provide them with a direct link to bios and other updates. Managed merging the site in with the existing windows.com compatibility searches, worked with contacts at various hardware manufactures to help them provide pages that provided updates, and handled all other issues related to the program.

    P r o g r a m   M a n a g e r ,   W i n d o w s   N T
    Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA. August 1999 to January 2000.
    I concentrated my focus on Small Business users, driving user interface improvements in faxing, backup, and general document management. I worked closely with UI designers and usability engineers to develop UI that would improve the user experience, and coordinated with groups across the Windows group to drive these designs as well as a general empathy for the user experience. I presented ideas and issues to upper management to gain buy off across the product. I also lead a group to pursue the possibility of creating a specific Windows experience for the Small Business user, coordinating feature sets, time estimates, and schedules.

    P r o g r a m   M a n a g e r ,   V i s u a l   S t u d i o
    Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA. September 1998 to August 1999.
    As the program manager controls for Visual Java and for the Visual Basic side of the .NET Frameworks, I worked with members of teams across Microsoft to put together a framework that would enable developers to easily develop applications with the richness of the Windows UI platform. I designed features, wrote specifications, kept team communication flowing and drove our deliverables forward.

    S o f t w a r e   E n g i n e e r ,   A d v a n c e d   D e v e l o p m e n t
    Starwave Corporation, Bellevue, WA. November 1997 to September 1998.
    Designed and developed and tested backend data processing systems to automate data from feeds to dynamic Web sites. Also designed and developed components of a UI framework. Work was primarily in Java, with some C++.

    A s s i s t a n t   P r o d u c e r ,   v a r i o u s   p r o d u c t s
    Starwave Corporation, Bellevue, WA. October 1996 to November 1997.
    Designed and drove features for online properties including Family Planet, DisneyBlast, ESPN.com.

    E d u c a t i o n : Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, University of Washington. Dean's list Fall 1995 and Winter 1996.